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Martin Willi, 05.07.2007 11:00

= An XML based management protocol for strongSwan (SMP) =

The currently implemented communication interface to [wiki:charon] is called stroke. It's a simple protocol with it's own binary format. Only the input format is specified, output is redirected to the console.

While this protocol is usable for console applications (ipsec/starter), we need a better protocol to get feedback for an operation, query the status of the daemon, ...

Requirements * Querying * IKE_SA list * Daemon status * ... * Control * initiate connection * terminate connection * ... * Get notifications * client connected * client connect attempt failed * ... Protocol
To get an universal usable and easy to implement protocol, SMP is based on a XML. There are five different kind of messages: * [wiki:SMPQueryRequest QueryRequest]: Request to query information from the daemon * [wiki:SMPQueryResponse QueryResponse]: The response from the daemon to a !QueryResponse * [wiki:SMPControlRequest ControlRequest]: Request to control the daemon * [wiki:SMPControlResponse ControlResponse]: Response to a !ControlRequest * [wiki:SMPNotification Notification]: Daemon raised notification