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Andreas Steffen, 11.07.2009 23:24
set quickmode methods

Windows Suite B Support

Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 support the Suite B cryptographic algorithms for IPsec defined by RFC 4869. For Windows configuration details see

The following command sets the IKEv1 main mode algorithms:

netsh advfirewall set global mainmode mmsecmethods ecdhp256:aes128-sha256,ecdhp384:aes192-sha384,dhgroup14:aes128-sha1

The currently configured algorithms can be checked using the command:

netsh advfirewall show global

Main Mode:
KeyLifetime  480min,0sess
SecMethods   ECDHP256-AES128-SHA256,ECDHP384-AES192-SHA384,DHGroup14-AES128-SHA1
ForceDH      No

On the strongSwan side the following entries are required in ipsec.conf for the DH group 19 ECP_256


or for the DH group 20 ECP_384

netsh advfirewall consec set rule name="VPN ECP" new qmsecmethods=esp:aesgcm192-aesgcm192,esp:aesgcm128-aesgcm128,esp:sha1-aes128