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# Updated Author Comment
11 13.01.2020 19:12 Scep CAfail The example script is missing "type xfrm" Annotate
10 13.01.2020 11:52 Tobias Brunner iproute2 and xfrm interfaces Annotate
9 28.07.2019 01:56 Noel Kuntze Add info about iproute2 being able to create XFRM interfaces now, clarify version requirement for confused readers. Annotate
8 05.04.2019 16:44 Martin Willi Document policy match limitation with XFRM interfaces Annotate
7 05.04.2019 16:35 Martin Willi Add a note for the VRF use case with XFRM interfaces Annotate
6 04.04.2019 12:23 Tobias Brunner XFRM interfaces documented Annotate
5 21.03.2019 00:46 Noel Kuntze Show two example scripts, one for the GW side. Name the two scripts distinctly. Use key instead of okey and ikey. Annotate
4 06.02.2019 14:40 Noel Kuntze Rewrite the first paragraph and emphasize it. Maybe it helps getting people to notice it. Annotate
3 16.03.2017 18:14 Noel Kuntze Add text about the Linux kernel's rejection of the creation of another VTI for the same dst src tuple. Annotate
2 16.03.2017 00:49 Noel Kuntze Problem with connmark Annotate
1 25.07.2016 11:47 Tobias Brunner Some initial info on route-based VPNs Annotate