libfast - FastCGI Application Server w/ Templates

libfast is a small library built around libfcgi and ClearSilver. It wraps these libraries properly and integrates session management and a MVC-like architecture. It targets embedded systems or servers where processing power and footprint is limited and should work with any FastCGI capable webserver.


A web application based on libfast has a global and a session context:

libfast automatically creates and manages a session for each connecting user and allocates a private session context. In that context, a defined set of controllers and filters are allocated. These instances are per session, so you might save session-specific data in them.

The session context is synchronized, only one thread enters a session. The global context is accessed by all sessions, so you'll need to write global objects thread-save.

Building a web application

Here a small example how to set up a web application:

dispatcher_t *dispatcher;
your_global_context_implementation_t *global;

global = initialize_your_global_context();

dispatcher = dispatcher_create(NULL, FALSE, 180,
   (context_constructor_t)your_session_context_create, global);
dispatcher->add_controller(dispatcher, your_controller1_create, param1);
dispatcher->add_controller(dispatcher, your_controller2_create, param2);

dispatcher->run(dispatcher, 20);


Have a look at the manager (source:src/manager) for a more complete example.