Version 4.2.10

  • Several performance improvements to handle thousands of tunnels with almost
    linear upscaling. All relevant data structures have been replaced by faster
    counterparts with better lookup times.
  • Better parallelization to run charon on multiple cores. Due to improved
    ressource locking and other optimizations the daemon can take full
    advantage of 16 or even more cores.
  • The load-tester plugin can use a NULL Diffie-Hellman group and simulate
    unique identities and certificates by signing peer certificates using a CA
    on the fly.
  • The redesigned stroke in-memory IP pool handles leases. The "ipsec leases"
    command queries assigned leases.
  • Added support for smartcards in charon by using the ENGINE API provided by
    OpenSSL, based on patches by Michael Roßberg.
  • The Padlock plugin supports the hardware RNG found on VIA CPUs to provide a
    reliable source of randomness.