Version 4.1.9

  • The default _updown script now dynamically inserts and removes ip6tables
    firewall rules if leftfirewall=yes is set in IPv6 connections. New IPv6
    net-net and roadwarrior (PSK/RSA) scenarios for both IKEv1 and IKEV2 were
  • Implemented RFC4478 repeated authentication to force EAP/Virtual-IP clients
    to reestablish an IKE_SA within a given timeframe.
  • strongSwan Manager supports configuration listing, initiation and termination
    of IKE and CHILD_SAs.
  • Fixes and improvements to multithreading code.
  • IKEv2 plugins have been renamed to libcharon-* to avoid naming conflicts.
    Make sure to remove the old plugins in $libexecdir/ipsec, otherwise they get
    loaded twice.