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Version 5.9.2

  • Together with a Linux 5.8 kernel supporting the IMA measurement of the GRUB bootloader and the
    Linux kernel, the strongSwan Attestation IMC allows to do remote attestation of the complete boot
    phase. A recent TPM 2.0 device with a SHA-256 PCR bank is required, so that both BIOS and IMA file
    measurements are based on SHA-256 hashes.
  • Our own TLS library (source:src/libtls) that we use for EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP and PT-TLS
    gained experimental support for TLS 1.3. Thanks to Méline Sieber (client) and Pascal Knecht (client
    and server) for their work on this.
    Because the use of TLS 1.3 with the above EAP methods is not yet standardized (see 121ac4b9e3),
    the default maximum version is currently set to TLS 1.2, which is now also the default minimum
    version (both are configurable via strongswan.conf). However, the TNC test scenarios using PT-TLS
    transport already use TLS 1.3.
  • Several improvements for libtls also affect older TLS versions. For instance, we added support for
    ECDH with Curve25519/448 (DH groups may also be configured now), for EdDSA keys and certificates
    and for RSA-PSS signatures. Support for old and weak cipher suites has been removed (e.g. with 3DES
    and MD5) as well as signature schemes with SHA-1.
  • The listener_t::ike_update event is now also called for MOBIKE updates. Its signature has changed
    so we only have to call it once if both addresses (and/or ports) have changed (e.g. for an address family
  • The ike-update event is exposed via vici.
  • The farp plugin has been ported to macOS and FreeBSD. Thanks to Dan James for working on this (95a0d800c9).
  • To fix DNS server installation with systemd-resolved, charon-nm now creates a dummy TUN device
    again (was removed with 5.5.1, #3615).
  • The botan plugin can use rng_t implementations provided by other plugins when generating keys etc.
    if the Botan library supports it (requires the upcoming Botan 3).
  • charon-tkm now supports multiple CAs and is configured via vici/swanctl.
  • Simple glob patterns (e.g. include conf.d/*.conf) now also work on Windows. Handling of forward
    slashes in paths on Windows has also been improved.
  • The abbreviations for the surname and serial number RDNs in ASN.1 distinguished names have been
    changed to align with RFC 4519: The abbreviation for surname is now SN (was S before), which was
    previously used for serial number that can now be specified as serialNumber only (d8e4a2a777).
  • The serial numbers in certificates generated by the load-tester plugin are now encoded as proper
    ASN.1 integers (#3667).
  • An issue with Windows clients requesting IPv6 but not IPv4 virtual IP addresses from previous sessions
    has been fixed (#3541).
  • Changes to ike_sa_manager_t: Checking out IKE_SAs by config is now atomic (e.g. when acquires for
    different children of the same connection are handled concurrently). The checkout_new() method has
    been renamed to create_new(). A new checkout_new() method allows registering a new IKE_SA with
    the manager shortly before checking it in, so jobs can be queued without losing them as they can block
    on checking out the new SA once it's checked in).
  • The build-strongswan script for the testing environment can now also build the software installed
    in the root image (helpful if strongSwan changes depend on changes in dependencies) or recreate the
    complete root image (check --help for details).
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