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Version 5.7.2

  • For RSA with PSS padding, the TPM 2.0 specification mandates the maximum salt length
    (as defined by the length of the key and hash). However, if the TPM is FIPS-168-4 compliant,
    the salt length equals the hash length. This is assumed for FIPS-140-2 compliant TPMs, but
    if that's not the case, it might be necessary to manually enable charon.plugins.tpm.fips_186_4
    if the TPM doesn't use the maximum salt length.
  • Directories for credentials loaded by swanctl are now accessed relative to the loaded
    swanctl.conf file, in particular, when loading it from a custom location via --file argument.
    The base directory, which is used if no custom location for swanctl.conf is specified, is now
    also configurable at runtime via SWANCTL_DIR environment variable.
  • If RADIUS Accounting is enabled, the eap-radius plugin will add the session ID (Acct-Session-Id)
    to Access-Request messages, which e.g. simplifies associating database entries for IP leases and
    accounting with sessions (the session ID does not change when IKE_SAs are rekeyed, #2853).
  • All IP addresses assigned by a RADIUS server are included in Accounting-Stop messages even if
    the client did not claim them, allowing to release them early in case of connection errors (#2856).
  • Selectors installed on transport mode SAs by the kernel-netlink plugin are now updated if an
    IP address changes (e.g. via MOBIKE) and it was part of the selectors.
  • No deletes are sent anymore when a rekeyed CHILD_SA expires (#2815).
  • The bypass-lan plugin now tracks interfaces to handle subnets that move from one interface
    to another and properly update associated routes (#2820).
  • Only valid and expected inbound IKEv2 messages are used to update the timestamp of the
    last received message (previously, retransmits also triggered an update).
  • IKEv2 requests from responders are now ignored until the IKE_SA is fully established (e.g. if a
    DPD request from the peer arrives before the IKE_AUTH response does, 46bea1add9).
  • Delayed IKE_SA_INIT responses with COOKIE notifies we already recevied are ignored, they caused
    another reset of the IKE_SA previously (#2837).
  • Active and queued Quick Mode tasks are now adopted if the peer reauthenticates an IKEv1 SA
    while creating lots of CHILD_SAs.
  • Newer versions of the FreeBSD kernel add an SADB_X_EXT_SA2 extension to SADB_ACQUIRE
    messages, which allows the kernel-pfkey plugin to determine the reqid of the policy even if it
    wasn't installed by the daemon previously (e.g. when using FreeBSD's if_ipsec(4) VTIs, which
    install policies themselves, 872b9b3e8d).
  • Added support for RSA signatures with SHA-256 and SHA-512 to the agent plugin. For older
    versions of ssh/gpg-agent that only support SHA-1, IKEv2 signature authentication has to be
    disabled via charon.signature_authentication.
  • The sshkey and agent plugins support Ed25519/Ed448 SSH keys and signatures.
  • The openssl plugin supports X25519/X448 Diffie-Hellman and Ed25519/Ed448 keys and
    signatures when built against OpenSSL 1.1.1.
  • Support for Ed25519, ChaCha20/Poly1305, SHA-3 and AES-CCM were added to the botan plugin.
  • The mysql plugin now properly handles database connections with transactions
    under heavy load (#2779).
  • IP addresses in ha pools are now distributed evenly among all segments (#2828).
  • Private key implementations may optionally provide a list of supported signature schemes,
    which, as described above, is used by the tpm plugin because for each key on a TPM 2.0 the
    hash algorithm and for RSA also the padding scheme is predefined.
  • The testing environment is now based on Debian 9 (stretch) by default. This required
    some changes, in particular, updating to FreeRADIUS 3.x (which forced us to abandon the
    TNC@FHH patches and scenarios, 2fbe44bef3) and removing FIPS-enabled versions of
    OpenSSL (the FIPS module only supports OpenSSL 1.0.2).
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