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Version 5.6.0

  • Fixed a DoS vulnerability in the gmp plugin that was caused by insufficient input validation
    when verifying RSA signatures, which requires decryption with the operation m^e mod n,
    where m is the signature, and e and n are the exponent and modulus of the public key.
    The value m is an integer between 0 and n-1, however, the gmp plugin did not verify this.
    So if m equals n the calculation results in 0, in which case mpz_export() returns NULL.
    This result wasn't handled properly causing a null-pointer dereference.
    This vulnerability has been registered as CVE-2017-11185.
    Please refer to our blog for details.
  • The IMV database template has been adapted to achieve full compliance with the
    ISO 19770-2:2015 SWID tag standard.
  • The sw-collector tool extracts software events from apt history logs and stores them
    in an SQLite database to be used by the SWIMA IMC. The tool can also generate SWID tags both
    for installed and removed package versions.
  • The pt-tls-client can attach and use TPM 2.0 protected private keys via the --keyid parameter.
  • libtpmtss supports Intel's TSS2 Architecture Broker and Resource Manager interface (tcti-tabrmd).
  • Adds the eap-aka-3gpp plugin, which implements the 3GPP MILENAGE algorithms in software.
    K (optionally concatenated with OPc) may be configured as binary EAP secret in ipsec.secrets
    or swanctl.conf.
  • The CHILD_SA rekeying was fixed in charon-tkm and the behavior is refined a bit more since 5.5.3:
    • On Linux the outbound policy now has the SPI of the corresponding SA set and the responder
      of a rekeying will install both IPsec SAs (in/out) immediately, but delay the update of the
      outbound policy until it received the delete for the replaced CHILD_SA.
    • The previous code temporarily installed an outbound IPsec SA/policy that was deleted
      immediately afterwards when a rekey collision was lost, which caused a slight chance for traffic loss.
  • The remote address must not be resolvable anymore when installing trap policies (at least not if the
    remote traffic selector is not %dynamic, 1a8226429a).
  • By default the /etc/swanctl/conf.d directory is created and *.conf files in it are included in the default
    swanctl.conf file.
  • The curl plugin now follows HTTP redirects (configurable via strongswan.conf).
  • The sha2 plugin was changed so that the last output is not stored in an internal buffer anymore (1a75514b76, #2388).
  • The encoding of nonces in OCSP requests was fixed in the x509 plugin (d7dc677ee5).
  • The handling of keyUsage extensions in X.509 certificates was fixed in the openssl plugin (e793d65acd).
  • pki loads the pubkey plugin to fix printing public keys (ef6b710f19).
  • Some changes were added to the TestingEnvironment:
    • do-tests supports running multiple tests via wildcards (e.g. do-tests ikev2/ocsp-*)
    • With the -v option do-tests will prefix each executed command with a timestamp in console.log
    • Tests in evaltest.dat can now easily match a specific number of lines (instead of [YES] or [NO]
      use e.g. [2] if exactly two matching lines - or packets for tcpdump matches - are expected)
    • Failed matches are now clearly marked in console.log
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