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Version 5.3.3

  • Added support for the ChaCha20/Poly1305 AEAD cipher specified in RFC 7539 and
    RFC 7634 using the chacha20poly1305 ike/esp proposal keyword.
    The new chapoly plugin implements the cipher, if possible SSE-accelerated on x86/x64
    architectures. It is usable both in IKEv2 and the strongSwan libipsec ESP backend.
    On Linux 4.2 or newer the kernel-netlink plugin can configure the cipher for ESP SAs.
  • The vici/swanctl interface now supports the configuration of auxiliary certification
    authority information as CRL and OCSP URIs.
  • In the bliss plugin the c_indices derivation using a SHA-512 based random oracle
    has been fixed, generalized and standardized by employing the MGF1 mask generation
    function with SHA-512. As a consequence BLISS signatures unsing the improved oracle
    are not compatible with the earlier implementation.
  • Support for auto=route with right=%any for transport mode connections has been
    added (refer to #196-6 for details and some examples).
  • The starter daemon does not flush IPsec policies and SAs anymore when it is stopped.
    Already existing duplicate policies are now overwritten by the IKE daemon when it
    installs its policies (695112d7b8, dc2fa791e4). Usually, there shouldn't be any
    leftovers after the IKE daemon has been properly terminated, but if it crashes the kernel
    state won't be cleaned up. Because earlier releases couldn't handle already existing
    duplicate policies in the kernel, the starter daemon flushed them during shutdown so
    the daemon would find a clean slate when was restarted. Since existing policies are not
    a problem anymore this is no longer necessary. And in situations where installpolicies=no
    is used policies shouldn't be flushed blindly anyway.
  • Init limits can now optionally be enforced when initiating SAs via VICI. For this IKE_SAs
    initiated by the daemon are now also counted as half-open SAs, which, as a side-effect,
    fixes the status output while connecting (e.g. in ipsec status).
  • Symmetric configuration of EAP methods in left|rightauth is now possible when mutual
    EAP-only authentication is used (previously, the client had to configure rightauth=eap
    or rightauth=any, which prevented it from using this same config as responder).
  • The initiator flag in the IKEv2 header is compared again (wasn't the case since 5.0.0) and
    packets that have the flag set incorrectly are again ignored (47a340e1f7, 5fee79d854).
  • Implemented a demo Hardcopy Device IMC/IMV pair based on the "Hardcopy Device Health
    Assessment Trusted Network Connect Binding" (HCD-TNC) document drafted by the IEEE
    Printer Working Group (PWG), see HCD-IMC and HCD-IMV.
  • Fixed IF-M segmentation which failed in the presence of multiple small attributes in front
    of a huge attribute to be segmented (10f25a3dd9).
  • Refcounting for allocated reqids has been fixed for situations where make-before-break
    reauthentication is used and CHILD_SAs have already been rekeyed (3665adef19).
  • Fixed a crash when retrying CHILD_SA rekeying due to a DH group mismatch (1729df9275).
  • If multiple CA certificates are set in swanctl.conf (connections.<conn>.remote<suffix>.cacerts)
    it is now enough if the certificate chain contains at least one of them, not all (774c8c3847).
  • Referring to a CA certificate in ipsec.d/cacerts in a ca section does not cause duplicate
    certificate requests anymore (was the case since 5.3.0, #842-10). CA certificates are
    now atomically reloaded by ipsec rereadcacerts so unchanged certificates are always
    available. The command now also reloads certificates referenced in CA sections.
  • Inbound IKEv1 messages are now handled with different job priorities (a5c07be058).
  • When strongSwan creates ASN.1 DN identities from strings, it now uses UTF8String
    instead of T61String to encode RDNs that contain characters outside the character set
    of PrintableString.
  • The new pki --dn command extracts subject DistinguishedNames from certificates,
    which is useful if the automatic identity parsing is unable to produce the correct
    binary ASN.1 encoding of the DN from its string representation.
  • To implement IPv6 NDP proxying via updown script (e.g. via ip -6 neigh add proxy)
    the virtual IPs assigned to a client are now passed to the script (#1008).
  • RADIUS Accounting Start messages are now correctly triggered for IKEv1 SAs when clients
    don't do any Mode Config or XAuth exchanges during reauthentication (#937).
  • Support for the Framed-IPv6-Address and DNS-Server-IPv6-Address RADIUS attributes has
    been added. Virtual IPv6 addresses are now sent in Framed-IPv6-Address attributes in
    RADIUS Accounting messages (#1001).
  • Some fixes went into the HA plugin and related code: The jhash() function was updated
    for Linux 4.1+ (93caf23e1b), NAT keepalives (edaba56ec7) and CHILD_SA rekeying
    (e095d87bb6) are now disabled for passive SAs, and the remote address is synced
    when an SA is first added (3434709460). Also, the use of AEAD algorithms in CHILD_SAs
    has been fixed (#1051) and the control FIFO is recreated if it is no FIFO (fffee7c759).
  • The buffer size for the Netlink receive buffer has been changed, the default is now the same
    as in the kernel (a6896b6149, 197de6e66b).
  • In particular for hosts with lots of routes an alternative faster source address lookup may be
    used by setting charon.plugins.kernel-netlink.fwmark=!<mark> (6bd1216e7a).
  • The kernel-pfkey plugin now can configure AES-GCM, which is supported on FreeBSD 11.
  • Fixed some potential race conditions during shutdown of the daemon (#1014).
  • Address resolution has been improved: If a local address is configured we use the same
    address family when resolving the remote address (#993). If the remote address resolves
    to %any during reauthentication or when reestablishing an SA we keep the current
    address (#1027).
  • A new option allows disabling the side-swapping based on the addresses/hostnames in
    left|right, when the stroke plugin loads a config from ipsec.conf.
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