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Version 5.1.1

  • Fixed a denial-of-service vulnerability and potential authorization bypass
    triggered by a crafted ID_DER_ASN1_DN ID payload. The cause is an insufficient
    length check when comparing such identities. The vulnerability has been
    registered as CVE-2013-6075.
    Refer to our blog for details.
  • Fixed a denial-of-service vulnerability triggered by a crafted IKEv1
    fragmentation payload. The cause is a NULL pointer dereference. The
    vulnerability has been registered as CVE-2013-6076.
    Refer to our blog for details.
  • The lean stand-alone pt-tls-client can set up a RFC 6876 PT-TLS session
    with a strongSwan policy enforcement point which uses the tnc-pdp charon
  • The new TCG TNC SWID IMC/IMV pair supports targeted SWID requests for either
    full SWID Tag or concise SWID Tag ID inventories.
  • The XAuth backend in eap-radius now supports multiple XAuth exchanges for
    different credential types and display messages. All user input gets
    concatenated and verified with a single User-Password RADIUS attribute on
    the AAA. With an AAA supporting it, one for example can implement
    Password+Token authentication with proper dialogs on iOS and OS X clients.
  • charon supports IKEv1 Mode Config exchange in push mode. The ipsec.conf
    modeconfig=push option enables it for both client and server, the same way
    as pluto used it.
  • Using the ah ipsec.conf keyword on both IKEv1 and IKEv2 connections,
    charon can negotiate and install Security Associations integrity-protected by
    the Authentication Header protocol. Supported are plain AH(+IPComp) SAs only,
    but not the deprecated RFC 2401 style ESP+AH bundles.
  • The generation of initialization vectors for IKE and ESP (when using libipsec)
    is now modularized and IVs for e.g. AES-GCM are now correctly allocated
    sequentially, while other algorithms like AES-CBC still use random IVs.
  • The left and right options in ipsec.conf can take multiple address ranges
    and subnets. This allows connection matching against a larger set of
    addresses, for example to use a different connection for clients connecting
    from an internal network.
  • For all those who have a queasy feeling about the NIST elliptic curve set,
    the Brainpool curves introduced for use with IKE by RFC 6932 might be a
    more trustworthy alternative.
  • The kernel-libipsec userland IPsec backend now supports usage statistics,
    volume based rekeying and accepts ESPv3 style TFC padded packets.
  • libipsec now properly calculates padding length especially for AES-GCM.
  • load-tester supports transport mode connections and more complex traffic
    selectors, including such using unique ports for each tunnel.
  • The new dnscert plugin provides support for authentication via CERT RRs that
    are protected via DNSSEC. The plugin was created by Ruslan N. Marchenko.
  • The eap-radius plugin supports forwarding of several Cisco Unity specific
    RADIUS attributes in corresponding configuration payloads.
  • The ipsec pki utility and its subcommands all received man pages.
    The command itself is now installed in $prefix/bin by default. So the ipsec
    prefix is now optional.
  • pki --pub is able to convert public keys to other formats (e.g. DNSKEY or SSH).
  • Database transactions are now abstracted and implemented by the two backends.
    If you use MySQL make sure all tables use the InnoDB engine.
  • libstrongswan now can provide an experimental custom implementation of the
    printf family functions based on klibc if neither Vstr nor glibc style printf
    hooks are available. This can avoid the Vstr dependency on some systems at
    the cost of slower and less complete printf functions.
  • Handling of ICMP[v6] has been improved. For instance, traffic selectors with
    specific ICMP message type and code can now be configured in ipsec.conf
    and are properly installed in the kernel.
  • IKEv1 reauthentication should be more stable with third-party peers (ee99f37e, d2e4dd75).
  • Fixes a regression in 5.1.0 that caused a segmentation fault when reestablishing
    CHILD_SAs due to closeaction=restart|hold (e42ab08a).
  • Fixes a regression in 5.1.0 that caused IP addresses on ignored, down or loopback
    interfaces to get ignored when searching for an address contained in the local traffic
    selector (d7ae0b254).
  • The calculation of the ESN bitmap length in the kernel-netlink plugin was fixed (e001cc2b).
  • When removing configs via stroke plugin (e.g. with ipsec update/reload) matching
    peer configs are not removed anymore, if they are still used by other child configs (791fde16).
  • reqids of established CHILD_SAs are reused when routing connections via stroke plugin (32fef0c6).
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