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Version 4.5.2

  • The whitelist plugin for the IKEv2 daemon maintains an in-memory identity
    whitelist. Any connection attempt of peers not whitelisted will get rejected.
    The 'ipsec whitelist' utility provides a simple command line frontend for
    whitelist administration.
  • The duplicheck plugin provides a specialized form of duplicate checking,
    doing a liveness check on the old SA and optionally notify a third party
    application about detected duplicates.
  • The coupling plugin permanently couples two or more devices by limiting
    authentication to previously used certificates.
  • In the case that the peer config and child config don't have the same name
    (usually in SQL database defined connections), ipsec up|route <peer config>
    starts|routes all associated child configs and ipsec up|route <child config>
    only starts|routes the specific child config.
  • fixed the encoding and parsing of X.509 certificate policy statements (CPS).
  • Duncan Salerno contributed the eap-sim-pcsc plugin implementing a
    pcsc-lite based SIM card backend.
  • The eap-peap plugin implements the EAP PEAP protocol. Interoperates
    successfully with a FreeRADIUS server and Windows 7 Agile VPN clients.
  • The IKEv2 daemon charon rereads strongswan.conf on SIGHUP and instructs
    all plugins to reload. Currently only the eap-radius and the attr plugins
    support configuration reloading.
  • Added userland support to the IKEv2 daemon for Extended Sequence Numbers
    support coming with Linux 2.6.39. To enable ESN on a connection, add
    the 'esn' keyword to the proposal. The default proposal uses 32-bit sequence
    numbers only ('noesn'), and the same value is used if no ESN mode is
    specified. To negotiate ESN support with the peer, include both, e.g.
  • In addition to ESN, Linux 2.6.39 gained support for replay windows larger
    than 32 packets. The new global strongswan.conf option 'charon.replay_window'
    configures the size of the replay window, in packets.
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