No issues for this version

Version 4.1.6

  • Since some third party IKEv2 implementations run into
    problems with strongSwan announcing MOBIKE capability per
    default, MOBIKE can be disabled on a per-connection-basis
    using the mobike=no option. Whereas mobike=no disables the
    sending of the MOBIKE_SUPPORTED notification and the floating
    to UDP port 4500 with the IKE_AUTH request even if no NAT
    situation has been detected, strongSwan will still support
    MOBIKE acting as a responder.
  • the default ipsec routing table plus its corresponding priority
    used for inserting source routes has been changed from 100 to 220.
    It can be configured using the --with-ipsec-routing-table and
    --with-ipsec-routing-table-prio options.
  • the --enable-integrity-test configure option tests the
    integrity of the libstrongswan crypto code during the charon
  • the --disable-xauth-vid configure option disables the sending
    of the XAUTH vendor ID. This can be used as a workaround when
    interoperating with some Windows VPN clients that get into
    trouble upon reception of an XAUTH VID without eXtended
    AUTHentication having been configured.
  • ipsec stroke now supports the rereadsecrets, rereadaacerts,
    rereadacerts, and listacerts options.