No issues for this version

Version 4.2.7

  • Fixed a Denial-of-Service vulnerability where an IKE_SA_INIT message with
    a KE payload containing zeroes only can cause a crash of the IKEv2 charon
    daemon due to a NULL pointer returned by the mpz_export() function of the
    GNU Multiprecision Library (GMP). Thanks go to Mu Dynamics Research Labs
    for making us aware of this problem.
  • The new agent plugin provides a private key implementation on top of an
  • The NetworkManager plugin has been extended to support certificate client
    authentication using RSA keys loaded from a file or using ssh-agent.
  • Daemon capability dropping has been ported to libcap and must be enabled
    explicitly --with-capabilities=libcap. Future version will support the
    newer libcap2 library.
  • ipsec listalgs lists the IKEv2 cryptografic algorithms registered with the
    charon keying daemon.