Kilian Krause




16:50 strongSwan Issue #817: IKEv2 IPv6 Router Advertisement
Any thoughts from upstream on whether or not this will be pulled into any future upstream release (or at least a feat...
16:36 strongSwan Feature #930: Option to have non-sequential v6 roadwarrior addresses
That'd be great! Would love to see that in one of the next versions!


10:38 strongSwan Issue #1237: CRL not validating correctly
Upgrading to 5.3.5 (Debian stretch) does no longer show this error but reports some more "ignored" lines.
Thanks f...


20:59 strongSwan Feature #1008: FARP for IPv6
...and in case your default interface for a route is not always eth0:...
20:54 strongSwan Issue #1237 (Closed): CRL not validating correctly
While setting up a strongswan with our certs, I do see in the logs:
> 05[TLS] received TLS peer certificate...
20:43 strongSwan Feature #162: Submit ClusterIP patches mainline
Looks like cluster ip is working fine now with IPv4. Yet right now there seems to be no option to have a dual stacked...

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