Pedro Larbig




16:36 strongSwan Bug #414 (Closed): TNC: PTS database table "files" does not have a "path" column while check_file_measurement in libpts/pts/pts_database.c requires it
Hello again,
I hit a database inconsistency when I initilialize the PTS database with the provided file in libimcv...


18:35 strongSwan Issue #407 (Closed): Host Identification not working on a certificate's CN field
Hi there,
I was setting up a tunnel using the certificates from the Simple PKI HowTo (
18:24 strongSwan Feature #406 (Feedback): TNC: Speeding up the Attestation process
Hello again,
when playing around with the TNC Attestation plugins I encountered several IKE_SA timeouts since chec...
18:17 strongSwan Feature #405 (Closed): TNC: Provide a tool that creates an AIK
Hey guys,
Here's another thing that is a major showstopper when setting up a TNC connection with Attestation IMC/I...
18:04 strongSwan Issue #404 (Feedback): TNC: Update HowTos and implement some compilation flag checking
Hi there,
while trying to get TNC with Attestation up and running, I encountered several little issues that should...

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