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22:42 strongSwan Bug #3319 (Feedback): py-vici: get_pools() TypeError: get_pools() missing 1 required positional argument: 'options'
Pass options=None for now, that should work.
21:20 strongSwan Issue #3314: VPN connection dropped after overnight
> Strange, even with the iOS's NAT keepalive turned on, I still get retransmit errors.
They're not errors. They're...


21:18 strongSwan Issue #3315: Does strongSwan support multiple pools?
Did you try configuring several IP addresses in the connections.<conn>.vips setting?
Also you can specify several po...
13:50 strongSwan Issue #3314 (Closed): VPN connection dropped after overnight
If @forceencaps=yes@ changed the behaviour then the router fiddled with the NAT detection payloads (they just contain...


18:43 strongSwan Wiki edit: ThirdPartyTools (#3)
Some scripts I use.
18:30 strongSwan Issue #3314: VPN connection dropped after overnight
It doesn't matter what "mode" you use. I am talking about the leftid/rightid/id values, not the subnets. IDs uniquely...


20:12 strongSwan Issue #3314 (Feedback): VPN connection dropped after overnight
Don't reuse IDs on different clients.
And also follow the [[HelpRequests]] page, please. It's not a joke or something.


19:34 strongSwan Issue #3303: 5.8.2 regression: "netlink error: Invalid argument" on the peer (still running 5.8.1)
Make sure the configuration specifies the same algorithms. Different strongSwan versions build different default prop...
19:32 strongSwan Issue #3302 (Feedback): Error when upgrading from 5.6.1 to 5.8.2
See "the roadmap":, "Dots are not allowed anymore in section names[...]"


13:40 strongSwan Issue #3283 (Feedback): IKE Multi Interface Issue
Aliases are not real interfaces.
The list of information required that is shown on the [[HelpRequests]] page is no...

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