Windows 7 Client Configuration

In the Network and Sharing Center choose Set up a new connection or network
and as a connection option select Connect to a workplace:

Click on Use my Internet connection (VPN):

Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 internet address or the fully-qualified hostname of the
strongSwan VPN gateway. The destination name string can be chosen freely -
let's call the connection VPN:

Enter your user name and password. This information will not be used if the authentication
is based on a machine certificate:

In the General tab of the VPN properties menu the fully-qualified hostname or the
IPv4 or IPv6 address of the strongSwan VPN gateway has already been entered but can be
edited at any time:

In the Security tab of the VPN Properties menu, select IKEv2 as type of VPN and use machine certificates
for authentication:

A click on Advanced settings pops up a window which allows the MOBIKE protocol to be disabled by removing
the Mobility tick.