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Martin Willi, 20.01.2009 06:38
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= Storing Windows 7 Machine Certificates =

First call up the ''Microsoft Management Console'' (mmc) and add the Certificates Snap-In:


It is of the '''utmost importance''' that you select ''Computer account'':


Go into the ''Certificates (Local Computer) / Personal / Certificates'' folder


and select the ''Import'' action which will start the ''Certificate Import Wizard'':


'''Never double-click''' on a PKCS12 certificate file because the content will end
up in the ''current user'' instead of the ''local computer'' part of the Windows registry
and will not be available for IPsec. A PKCS12 container contains the ''end entity certificate'',
a corresponding ''private key'' and usually the ''Root CA certificate''. It is recommended
to store all this information in the ''Personal'' certificate store and to move the Root CA certificate
to the correct location later on.