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h1. strongSwan User Documentation


h2. Features

* [[VirtualIp|Virtual IP]] via mode-config (IKEv1) or configuration payload (IKEv2)
* [[NatTraversal|NAT Traversal]]
* [[MobIke|MOBIKE]]
* [[PublicKeySpeed|Public Key Benchmark]] using various crypto libraries (gmp, gcrypt, openssl)
* [[CryptoTest|Crypto tests]] provide a way to self-test used crypto implementations
* [[IntegrityTest|Integrity tests]] make sure that the daemons use plugins and libraries they were built against
* [[PluginList|Plugin list]] gives an overview about all optionally loadable strongSwan plugins

h2. Configuration Files

* [[IpsecConf|ipsec.conf]] file
* [[IpsecSecrets|ipsec.secrets]] file
* [[IpsecDirectory|ipsec.d]] directory
* [[strongswanConf|strongswan.conf]] file

h2. Configuration HOWTOs

* [[NetworkManager|NetworkManager client setup]]
* [[EapGtc|Authenticate road warriors using EAP-GTC and a PAM service]]
* [[EapRadius|Use a RADIUS AAA server to authenticate clients with EAP]]
* [[EapTls|EAP-TLS certificate authentication]]
* [[HighAvailability|Configure a failsafe strongSwan High Availability cluster]]
* [[SimpleCA|Setting-up a simple CA using the strongSwan PKI tool]]
* [[CAmanagementGUIs|CA management made easy using GUIs]]
* [[HashAndUrl|Hash-and-URL HOWTO]]
* [[SqlLite|SQLite HOWTO]]
* [[LoggerConfiguration|Logger configuration HOWTO]]
* [[JobPriority|Job priority management HOWTO]]
* [[IkeSaTable|IKE_SA lookup tuning HOWTO]]
* [[MobileIPv6|Mobile IPv6 HOWTO]]
* [[SmartCards|Smartcard HOWTO]]
* [[EToken|Aladdin eToken HOWTO]]
* [[TrustedNetworkConnect| Trusted Network Connect (TNC) HOWTO]]
* [[AwsVpc| Setting up a VPN into the Amazon Public Cloud's VPC]]
* [[HsrCommandLine|VPN Remote Access at HSR(Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil): Linux via Command Line]]

h2. Configuration Examples - strongSwan 4.x

Dozens of both simple and advanced VPN scenarios:
* [[IKEv1Examples|IKEv1]] examples
* [[IKEv2Examples|IKEv2]] examples
* [[IPv6Examples|IPv6]] examples
* [[CipherSuiteExamples|Advanced Cipher Suite]] examples
* [[IntegrityCryptoTestExamples|Integrity and Crypto Test]] examples
* "IKEv2 High Availability": example
* "IKEv2 Hash-and-URL": example
* "IKEv2 Mediation Extension": mediation service examples
* "SQLite": database backend examples

h2. Configuration Examples - strongSwan 5.x

* [[IKEv1Examples5|IKEv1]] examples
* [[IKEv2Examples5|IKEv2]] examples
* [[IPv6Examples5|IPv6]] examples

h2. Portability

* [[Maemo|strongSwan on Maemo (Nokia N900)]] - NEW
* [[FreeBSD|strongSwan on FreeBSD]] (IKEv2 only)
* [[MacOSX|strongSwan on Mac OS X]] (IKEv2 only)
* [[Android|strongSwan on Android]] (IKEv2 only)
* [[OpenWrt|strongSwan on OpenWrt]]

h2. Interoperability

* [[Windows7|Windows 7]] with IKEv2
* [[WindowsVista|Windows Vista]] with IKEv1
* [[WindowsSuiteB|Windows Suite B Support]] with IKEv1
* [[IOS_(Apple)|Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)]] with IKEv1
* [[CharonPlutoIKEv1|strongSwan 4.x (pluto) - 5.x (charon)]] Charon-Pluto]] with IKEv1

h2. Management Commands

* The powerful [[IpsecCommand|ipsec]] command starts, stops and monitors IPsec connections.

h2. Auxiliary Tools

* ipsec [[IpsecAttest|attest]] manages measurement reference values used for TPM-based remote attestation
* ipsec [[IpsecLeases|leases]] shows the assignment of virtual IP adresses stored in volatile memory
* ipsec [[OpenAc|openac]] generates _X.509 attribute certificates_
* ipsec [[IpsecPKI|pki]] generates and analyzes RSA/ECDSA private keys and X.509 certificates
* ipsec [[IpsecPool|pool]] manages virtual IP address pools and attributes stored in an SQL database and provided by the [[attrsql|attr-sql plugin]]
* ipsec [[ScepClient|scepclient]] implements the _Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)_
* ipsec [[IpsecStarter|starter]] starts, stops, and configures the IKE daemons
* ipsec [[IpsecStroke|stroke]] controls the IKEv2 charon daemon
* ipsec [[IpsecWhack|whack]] controls the IKEv1 pluto daemon

h2. Linux 2.6 IPsec

* "Firewalling mit Linux 2.6 IPsec":
* "Linux netfilter IPsec policy matching":

h2. Frequently Asked Questions

* A [[FAQ]] is maintained [[FAQ|here]].