Since strongSwan 5.1.2 the /etc/strongswan.d/ directory contains commented configuration
snippets that are included by the default strongswan.conf (source:conf/strongswan.conf) file,
which basically looks like this:

charon {
    load_modular = yes
    plugins {
        include strongswan.d/charon/*.conf

include strongswan.d/*.conf

Where the new charon.load_modular option allows users to load/unload plugins with individual charon.plugins.<plugin>.load
options that can be set in the plugin-specific configuration snippets in strongswan.d/charon.

Existing configuration files are never replaced. The current defaults are also installed in the $prefix/share/strongswan/templates directory.


This subdirectory contains commented configuration snippets for all enabled and installed plugins.

With the load_modular option in the default configuration plugins can be loaded and unloaded via individual charon.plugins.<plugin>.load settings.