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Syed Rizwan, 24.04.2016 16:08

1 9 Syed Rizwan
h1. Create profiles in strongswan by passing profile info from another application in Android.
2 7 Noel Kuntze
3 9 Syed Rizwan
Hi there,
4 1 Martin Willi
5 9 Syed Rizwan
I was looking for a way to create new profiles in strongswan on the fly programatically from another app. This is like pushing new profiles information to strongswan vpn android app which has been already installed from playstore. 
6 9 Syed Rizwan
7 9 Syed Rizwan
I could figure out from the source that there is a possibility to establish vpn connection for existing profile by passing profile id(long value) through intent to the strongswan app. But is there any way to add/delete/update profiles in a similar fashion??
8 9 Syed Rizwan
9 9 Syed Rizwan
Many thanks
10 9 Syed Rizwan
Syed Rizwan