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Martin Willi, 29.06.2008 11:03
added type definitions of shared_secret and traffic_selector

= SQLite HOWTO =

SQLite tables defined in [browser:trunk/testing/hosts/default/etc/ipsec.d/tables.sql tables.sql]

TABLE identities

'''type''' defined in [browser:trunk/src/libstrongswan/utils/identification.h#L58 identification.h]

0 ID_ANY matches any id right=''%any''
1 ID_IPV4_ADDR IPv4 address right=''''
2 ID_FQDN fully qualified domain name right=''''
3 ID_RFC822_ADDR RFC822 email address right=''''
5 ID_IPV6_ADDR IPv6 address right=''fec0::1''
9 ID_DER_ASN1_DN ASN.1 distinguished name right=''C=CH, O=Linux strongSwan,''
11 ID_KEY_ID opaque octet string right=''@#
202 ID_PUBKEY_INFO_SHA1 SHA-1 hash over subjectPublicKeyInfo
203 ID_PUBKEY_SHA1 SHA-1 hash over subjectPublicKey
TABLE private_keys

'''type''' defined in [browser:trunk/src/libstrongswan/credentials/keys/public_key.h#L37 public_key.h]

1 KEY_RSA RSA key in PKCS!#1 format
2 KEY_ECDSA ECDSA key in ANSI X9.62 format
TABLE certificates

'''type''' defined in [browser:trunk/src/libstrongswan/credentials/certificates/certificate.h#L35 certificate.h]

1 CERT_X509 X.509 certificate
2 CERT_X509_CRL X.509 certificate revocation list
5 CERT_X509_AC X.509 attribute certificate
6 CERT_TRUSTED_PUBKEY trusted public key

'''keytype''' defined in [browser:trunk/src/libstrongswan/credentials/keys/public_key.h#L37 public_key.h]

TABLE shared_secrets

'''type''' defined in [browser:trunk/src/libstrongswan/credentials/keys/shared_key.h#L33 shared_key.h]

1 SHARED_IKE : PSK <secret>
2 SHARED_EAP : EAP <secret>
3 SHARED_PRIVATE_KEY_PASS : RSA <keyfile> <secret>
4 SHARED_PIN : PIN <secret>
TABLE peer_configs

'''auth_method''' defined in [browser:trunk/src/charon/config/peer_cfg.h#L87 peer_cfg.h]

1 CONF_AUTH_PUBKEY authentication using public key authby=''rsasig'', authby=''ecdsasig''
2 CONF_AUTH_PSK authentication using pre-shared secret authby=''psk''
3 CONF_AUTH_EAP authentication using EAP authby=''eap''
TABLE traffic_selectors

'''type''' defined in [browser:trunk/src/charon/config/traffic_selector.h#L37 traffic_selector.h]