Programming Style

  • Use tabs for indentation, tab width is 4
  • Do not exceed a line width of 80 characters
  • Statements that span multiple lines are usually indented to the opening bracket (using tabs, then spaces)
  • Curly brackets follow on a new line (Allman style), except for structs and enums
  • Always explicitly define a block after if/else with curly brackets
  • Empty lines should not contain any whitespace
  • Add a space between variables and operators
  • Add a space between if/while and opening bracket
  • No space between function name and opening bracket
  • Add a space after a comma, as in natural (English) language
  • structs/enums are typedef'd with the same name
  • Defined types have a _t suffix
  • No C++ style comments //
  • Add the comment on a separate line, above the statement you are commenting
  • Declare variables at the beginning of the block
  • Function/member declarations use a Doxygen /** comment */
  • Use @ as the Doxygen escape character (not \)