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Tobias Brunner, 20.11.2008 17:48
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<abbr title="OpenWRTDemo, KernelModules, Autoconf, Autoconf41, heading=Installation Documentation">TOC</abbr> = strongSwan Installation Documentation =

Live testing system
We have built a [wiki:OpenWRTDemo small test system] to run strongSwan without installation or configuration. It is based on a UML kernel, two small OpenWRT images and should run on any x86 Linux system out of the box. Distribution packages

There are currently packages for: * [ Debian] * [ Ubuntu] * [ openSUSE] * [ Gentoo]

Compile yourself

=== Kernel requirements ===
strongSwan should run on most distros' kernels. If you build your own kernel, include [wiki:KernelModules the required modules].

=== Building strongSwan ===
We have changed the buid system to autotools for the 4.x releases. There is a growing list of [wiki:Autoconf autoconf options] available:

  • [wiki:Autoconf Autoconf options for 4.2 releases]
  • [wiki:Autoconf41 Autoconf options for 4.1 releases]

The build procedure is as with any autotools project: {{{
tar jxvf strongswan-4.x.tar.bz2; cd strongswan-4.x
./configure --<your-options>
sudo make install