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h1. Security and Functional Flaw Reporting

h2. Security Flaws

* Please email any security-relevant flaw to the special mail account **. Whenever possible encrypt your posting using the "PGP key": for the ** account.

* Here is the list of reported high and medium security flaws as registered in the "CVE database": and fixed by the following "security patches":".

h2. Functional Flaws

* Please report all non-security-related flaws and bugs by opening a "new issue": in our wiki. If you don't have a user account yet, please "register": first.

* Our Redmine Tracker classifies user issues into the following three categories:

* *Issue*: Please choose this generic category if you are not sure whether your problem is caused by a strongSwan misconfiguration, an interoperability problem with third party VPN software or an actual bug in the strongSwan code. We are going to reclassify your report after a first analysis.

* *Feature*: Please choose this category for requesting new features that we might implement in future versions of the strongSwan software.

* *Bug*: Please post under this category only if you are quite sure that you identified a bug in the strongSwan code, e.g. if the charon daemon crashes which it shouldn't. Of course it is helpful if you can could already pinpoint the code file where you suspect the bug or in the case of a crash to provide a backtrack analysis of the core dump. User patches fixing flaws are always welcome.