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Version 9 (Tobias Brunner, 07.09.2015 11:27) → Version 10/14 (Tobias Brunner, 28.06.2016 12:34)

h1. Changelog

The "Roadmap": provides a complete overview over all versions since 4.1.x, including the reported issues that were fixed with each.

[[Changelog55|Changelog for 5.5.x]]
[[Changelog54|Changelog for 5.4.x]]
[[Changelog53|Changelog for 5.3.x]]
[[Changelog52|Changelog for 5.2.x]]
[[Changelog51|Changelog for 5.1.x]]
[[Changelog50|Changelog for 5.0.x]]
[[Changelog46|Changelog for 4.6.x]]
[[Changelog45|Changelog for 4.5.x]]
[[Changelog44|Changelog for 4.4.x]]
[[Changelog43|Changelog for 4.3.x]]
[[Changelog42|Changelog for 4.2.x]]
[[Changelog41|Changelog for 4.1.x]]

A concise changelog for all versions (including earlier ones) can also be found in the source:NEWS file.