attr-sql plugin

The attr-sql is similar to the attr plugin but stores the attributes in an SQL database instead of strongswan.conf.

To enable the plugin, add

to the ./configure options.

Also required is support for either MySQL (--enable-mysql) or SQLite (--enable-sqlite).


Configured attributes are assigned to peers via configuration payloads (IKEv2) or via Mode Config (IKEv1). Attributes are only assigned to peers if they request a virtual IP.


The plugin is configured using the following strongswan.conf options.

Key Default Description
charon.plugins.attr-sql.crash_recovery yes Release all online leases during startup. Disable this to share the DB between multiple VPN gateways. Since 5.5.3.
charon.plugins.attr-sql.database Database URI used by both daemons
charon.plugins.attr-sql.lease_history yes Enable logging of IP pool leases

Database Setup

To setup the database use the schema defined in the following SQL scripts:

These files contain the complete database schema, which includes tables that are only required by the sql plugin.

ipsec pool

Attributes stored in the database can be managed using the ipsec pool utility.