Version 4.6.3

  • The tnc-pdp plugin implements a RADIUS server interface allowing
    a strongSwan TNC server to act as a Policy Decision Point.
  • The eap-radius authentication backend enforces Session-Timeout attributes
    using RFC4478 repeated authentication and acts upon RADIUS Dynamic
    Authorization extensions, RFC 5176. Currently supported are disconnect
    requests and CoA messages containing a Session-Timeout.
  • The eap-radius plugin can forward arbitrary RADIUS attributes from and to
    clients using custom IKEv2 notify payloads. The new radattr plugin reads
    attributes to include from files and prints received attributes to the
  • Added support for untruncated MD5 and SHA1 HMACs in ESP as used in
    RFC 4595.
  • The cmac plugin implements the AES-CMAC-96 and AES-CMAC-PRF-128 algorithms
    as defined in RFC 4494 and RFC 4615, respectively.
  • The resolve plugin automatically installs nameservers via resolvconf(8),
    if it is installed, instead of modifying /etc/resolv.conf directly.
  • The IKEv2 charon daemon supports now raw RSA public keys in RFC 3110
    DNSKEY and PKCS#1 file format.
  • The farp plugin sends ARP responses for any tunneled address, not only virtual IPs.
  • Charon resolves hosts again during additional keying tries.
  • Fixed switching back to original address pair during MOBIKE.
  • When resending IKE_SA_INIT with a COOKIE charon reuses the previous DH value,
    as specified in RFC 5996. This has an effect on the lifecycle of diffie_hellman_t,
    see source:src/libcharon/sa/keymat.h#39 for details.
  • COOKIEs are now kept enabled a bit longer to avoid certain race conditions the commit
    message to 1b7debcc has some details.
  • The new stroke user-creds command allows to set username/password for a connection.
  • Added a workaround for null-terminated XAuth secrets (as sent by Android 4).