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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3537 strongSwan Issue New Urgent IPv6 Packets are not transferred from server to client through IPSec using RPC protocol 06.08.2020 14:59
3534 strongSwan Issue New Urgent use of strongswan, ipvlan L2 and kernel ipsec 04.08.2020 20:59
3524 strongSwan Issue New Urgent Routing public IP addresses thru the VPN tunnel (Peer is Cisco ISR) 24.07.2020 03:15
994 strongSwan Bug New Urgent same rekey time for ike and child causes tunnel deletion for ikev1 in 5.2.2 version 12.06.2015 12:31
3539 strongSwan Issue New High leftsubnet paramater works abnormally 08.08.2020 15:27
3159 strongSwan Issue New High backup ipsec tunnels 26.08.2019 14:28
2459 strongSwan Issue New High updown script deleted firewall rules at down-client in make-before-break responder side 05.11.2017 19:13
725 strongSwan Issue New High Mediation connection get stuck if peer is not online 03.10.2014 12:02
397 strongSwan Bug New High Receive TS_UNACCEPTABLE errors 31.05.2017 00:35
354 strongSwan Issue Assigned High TLS certificcate CRL is not validated with strictcrlpolicy=yes Martin Willi 28.08.2014 10:05
193 strongSwan Bug Assigned High Race condition between acquire jobs and Mobike update while switching WLANs Tobias Brunner 16.05.2012 12:18
3538 strongSwan Issue New Normal leftsubnet doesn 08.08.2020 15:19
3536 strongSwan Issue New Normal When Create multiple tunnels restart ipsec service will establish fail. 07.08.2020 08:34
3535 strongSwan Issue New Normal How can i assign requested ip address to clients Tobias Brunner 06.08.2020 11:27
3533 strongSwan Feature New Normal Rekey feature 02.08.2020 17:29
3532 strongSwan Issue New Normal The certificate revocation list is not valid 05.08.2020 06:26
3530 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Can i run multiple charon daemon on the linux host 03.08.2020 13:24
3527 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal INFORMATIONAL DELETE response to CHILD_SA contains IPSec_SA SPI and IKE DELETE payloads. Strongswan does not delete IKE SA policy from kernel. 28.07.2020 10:00
3526 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Can I Connect Strongs -Wan to Radius Servers 27.07.2020 12:02
3525 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Strongswan Config For Windows mobile 8 27.07.2020 12:03
3523 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Ipsec ikev1 configuration 24.07.2020 15:12
3522 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Internet will not work after connected strongswan vpn server 24.07.2020 08:07
3521 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Dual Stack VTI IPsec Setup Issues 23.07.2020 10:17
3519 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Retransmits events 20.07.2020 15:44
3517 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Packets not transfered when ipsec up <conn name> was given on remote host with mode as transport 21.07.2020 09:10
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