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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3598 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal swanctl on Windows: Support aborting execution 19.10.2020 15:01
3378 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal Checking memory safety in make check on Windows 19.03.2020 18:12
3373 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal printf_hooks test failure 16.03.2020 15:37
3366 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal Uninstall "any" trap policy if start_action=trap with virtual IPs is used 13.03.2020 14:57
3352 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal custom printf specifiers on Windows 03.03.2020 11:36
3326 strongSwan Issue New Normal update custom routing table (table 220 by default) with new routes if new networks and routes appear 10.02.2020 12:01
3183 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal kernel/strongSwan behaves irrational when using charon.routing_table Tobias Brunner 24.09.2020 14:59
3165 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal charon.rdn_matching mentions _static_ instead of _strict Tobias Brunner 03.09.2019 10:27
3118 strongSwan Feature Closed Normal Use throw type routes instead of copying routes into table 220 for passthrough policies Tobias Brunner 24.09.2020 14:09
3117 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal embedding PUBKEY certificate in payload failed 10.07.2019 12:05
3116 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal farp plugin claims any IPv4 address Tobias Brunner 06.12.2019 10:07
3111 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal Odd code formatting Tobias Brunner 22.08.2019 15:19
2870 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal DNS resolution outside of tunnel if DNS server is in remote TS 22.01.2019 11:06
2555 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal bypasslan creates passthroughs for ::1 and attempts bypass for %any6 Tobias Brunner 28.02.2018 15:39
2554 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal bypasslan creates passthrough for route with nexthop set Tobias Brunner 28.02.2018 15:35
2513 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal log type of ID Tobias Brunner 18.04.2018 18:21
2427 strongSwan Feature Closed Normal Implementing RFC 8247 Tobias Brunner 08.11.2017 17:05
2307 strongSwan Feature Feedback Normal Permit installation of trap policy for CHILD_SA configurations with unset local_addrs 26.04.2017 15:04
2262 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal Install routes for trap policies of transport mode tunnels with IPv6 when several usable IPs exist (management and temporary one) Tobias Brunner 19.04.2017 09:58
2238 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal eap-dynamic with ca certificate constraint for initiator broken Tobias Brunner 16.02.2017 19:28
2227 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal Integrate always-on VPN functionality on Android Tobias Brunner 21.06.2018 15:48
2222 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal charon-systemd doesn't reopen the log file when SIGHUP is raised Tobias Brunner 25.01.2017 15:05
2197 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal charon does not add routes for passthrough policies when local_addrs is not set. 11.01.2019 23:08
2160 strongSwan Issue Feedback Normal support for opportunistic encryption 06.05.2020 10:32
2118 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal libipsec, Windows and missing headers Tobias Brunner 16.02.2017 19:29
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