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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
356 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal Strongswan ignores rightsubnet, when "handling UNITY_LOCAL_LAN attribute failed" Tobias Brunner 22.07.2013 14:05
362 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal strongSwan doesn't reauthenticate IKEv1 SAs using UNITY Tobias Brunner 23.02.2015 11:05
393 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal Kernel sometimes ignores route 16.04.2015 10:30
396 strongSwan Feature Rejected Low Make charon compatible to logrotate Tobias Brunner 01.09.2013 22:46
402 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal Tunneling IPv4 over IPv6 Tobias Brunner 13.09.2013 12:04
403 strongSwan Issue Rejected Normal v4 tunnel host-to-host "can't install route for === out, conflicts with IKE traffic" Tobias Brunner 10.09.2013 10:25
408 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal strongswan dies due to closeaction=restart Tobias Brunner 01.11.2013 13:48
410 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal plugin for resolvconf breaks dig and nslookup Tobias Brunner 13.09.2013 15:18
439 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal strongSwan doesn't include conn.ike in the proposal Tobias Brunner 12.11.2013 10:00
440 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal charon logs incorrect host name if it can't resolve remote address Tobias Brunner 23.01.2014 10:05
446 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal received netlink error: Invalid argument (22) with TFC and IPComp Tobias Brunner 19.11.2013 12:46
447 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal how to make strongSwan as a responder distinguish between different conns Tobias Brunner 18.11.2013 10:26
455 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal strongSwan and sleeping states for laptops Tobias Brunner 16.04.2015 10:30
577 strongSwan Bug Closed Low subnet appears twice in TS, if leftsourceip is in rightsubnet Tobias Brunner 25.04.2014 19:09
777 strongSwan Issue New Normal column length in attributes table of strongswan database is too short 25.11.2014 20:46
779 strongSwan Feature Closed Normal updown script is called twice with up-host Martin Willi 04.12.2014 10:29
803 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal Wrong source IP selection in IPv6 with RA IP Tobias Brunner 06.07.2015 12:07
814 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal swanctl crash in Tobias Brunner 10.02.2015 16:17
819 strongSwan Bug Closed High strongswan 5.2.2 and IKEv1 causes INVALID-PROTOCOL-ID error Tobias Brunner 16.02.2015 17:23
848 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal updown script calls IPv4 hooks instead of IPv6 hooks for IPv6 peers Tobias Brunner 16.04.2015 10:30
867 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal source calls automake-1.14 Tobias Brunner 04.03.2015 09:36
870 strongSwan Issue Closed Normal charon-systemd does not correctly populate table 220 Tobias Brunner 16.04.2015 10:30
886 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal swanctl daemon stats information interpretes unsigned number as signed Tobias Brunner 24.03.2015 12:38
887 strongSwan Feature Closed Normal change user/group charon-systemd runs as via strongswan.conf Tobias Brunner 17.03.2015 17:38
904 strongSwan Bug Closed Normal swanctl list-sas/list-conns Martin Willi 23.03.2015 10:20
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