Bug #479

test_utils 5.1.2~dr2 failure on powerpc

Added by Jonathan Davies over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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In addition to test_chuck, test_utils is also failing on powerpc:

  Running suite 'utils':
    Running case 'objects': +
    Running case 'return functions': +
    Running case 'timeval_add_ms': +
    Running case 'htoun,untoh': ++
    Running case 'round': +
    Running case 'string helper': +++++++++
    Running case 'memxor': ++
    Running case 'memstr': ++++++++++++
    Running case 'translate': ++++++++++++
    Running case 'printf_hooks': +-+-+-++++++++++++++++
      Failure in 'test_time_printf_hook': buf != time_data[_i].out ("--- -- --:--:-- ----" != "--- -- --:--:-- UTC ----") (suites/test_utils.c:411, i = 1)
      Failure in 'test_time_printf_hook': buf != time_data[_i].out ("Jan 01 01:00:01 1970" != "Jan 01 00:00:01 UTC 1970") (suites/test_utils.c:411, i = 3)
      Failure in 'test_time_printf_hook': buf != time_data[_i].out ("Jul 01 15:43:16 2012" != "Jul 01 13:43:16 UTC 2012") (suites/test_utils.c:411, i = 5)
    Running case 'mark_from_string': +++++++++++++++++
  Passed 10/11 'utils' test cases

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Revision 13f2d3a2 (diff)
Added by Tobias Brunner over 8 years ago

utils: Fix %T printf hook on big-endian systems

The cast to a bool* cut of the actual value on big-endian systems
if bool was shorter than int because the bool argument to printf gets
promoted to an int.

Fixes #479.


#1 Updated by Tobias Brunner over 8 years ago

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The call in the test case, and in other places where the custom printf-specifier %T is used, is as follows:

len = snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%T", &time_data[_i].in, time_data[_i].utc);

Where the second argument after the format string is of type bool, which gets automatically promoted to an int.

The problem is that the callback function for this custom printf specifier did this:

bool utc = *((bool*)(args[1]));

It assumes it gets a pointer to a bool, which is incorrect and is an issue on big-endian machines with bool shorter than int (most commonly the case) where the actual value got cut off by the cast.

Fixed with the associated commit.

#2 Updated by Tobias Brunner over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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