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Add PSK support to NetworkManager plugin

Added by Марк Коренберг about 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

networkmanager (charon-nm)
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Is it possible to add the PSK authentification method support to NetworkManager plugin ?
I saw on the wiki page that it was not done, but not that it will never be done…

Please add this functionality. Users do only things, that network administrator says. If he prefer PSK with weak password - it's hiw own problem. Why not to write in GUI using red letters and caps-lock, like "THIS IS NOT SECURE TO USE PSK", if you want, but implement that functionality.

Apple iOS (both mobile and desktop), M$ Windows$, all command-line tools allows to use PSK. Please implement.


#1 Updated by Martin Willi about 9 years ago

The NetworkManager plugin currently supports IKEv2 only. With this protocol, PSK authentication is not used very much, and there is not much reason to do so. Windows 7 for example uses EAP authentication, which is supported through our plugin. iOS/OS X and the native Android Client do not support IKEv2, and our Android App can authenticate with EAP only.

For IKEv1 the situation would look different; PSK authentication is used in many installations (even if it is insecure). Once we have IKEv1 support in NM based on strongSwan 5.x, we certainly could add a PSK option. But for IKEv2 I don't think that it is of much use.

#2 Updated by Martin Willi over 7 years ago

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The NM strongSwan plugin in version 1.3.1 supports strong PSKs for IKEv2 authentication. We currently do not support IKEv1 connections, though.

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