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Patch to allow multiple connections

Added by Dmitry Korzhevin almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I use strongSwan 5.0.0 compiled from source on Debian 6. In my configuration i need to allow multiple connections with same ip and same login/password. But, in default strongSwan configuration it doesn't accept multiple connections with same credentials (login/password), thru it normally support connections with same ip and different login/password.

I find a simple way to allow connections with same ip and same login/password:

In file strongswan-5.0.0/src/libcharon/sa/ikev1/tasks/main_mode.c i commented out this block of code:

@else if (type INITIAL_CONTACT_IKEV1) {
if (!this->initiator && this->state MM_AUTH) {
/* If authenticated and received INITIAL_CONTACT, * delete any existing IKE_SAs with that peer. * The delete takes place when the SA is checked in due * to other id not known until the 3rd message.*/
//static int same_login_counter = 0;
//if (same_login_counter > 2)
// this->ike_sa->set_condition(this->ike_sa, COND_INIT_CONTACT_SEEN, TRUE);
// same_login_counter++;

This is fast and not elegant way to fix this. I understand that you can find another way, but it will be great, if you include come options for strongSwan to:

1. Allow connections from same ip and same login/password.
2. Options to limit number of incoming connections with same login/password (for exmample allow only 5 connections with same login/pass).


#1 Updated by Tobias Brunner almost 10 years ago

You can try the attached patch which adds the charon.ignore_initial_contact option in strongswan.conf. Enabling it makes charon ignore any received INITIAL_CONTACT notify. To allow multiple SAs by the same peer you also have to set uniqueids=no in ipsec.conf.

As an alternative we could add this as an option in ipsec.conf (later stored on peer_cfg_t) so it could be enabled per config (or even per peer). But that would be a bit more work.

Adding a limit on the number of concurrent connections by a given peer is not that easy. You might want to add a separate feature request for it. But just so you know, it will probably not have that high a priority for us.

#2 Updated by Dmitry Korzhevin almost 10 years ago

Hello, Tobias

Will this patch included in the next version of strongSwan?

P.S. I will help with testing and debugging (if needed)

#3 Updated by Tobias Brunner almost 10 years ago

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I pushed a different patch to master (f4cc7ea1), which adds the value never to the uniqueids option in ipsec.conf. Configuring never instead of no forces the daemon to never check for duplicate IKE_SAs, even if it receives INITIAL_CONTACT notifies.

#4 Updated by Tobias Brunner almost 10 years ago

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