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Mac app copy/paste with keyboard

Added by Josh Ault over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The strongSwan Mac app works great! However, we've gotten a few support tickets from our customers wondering how to paste into the text fields when setting up a new connection and entering a password. It is not apparent that you need to right click to paste. Could pasting with CMD+V be enabled on all text fields in the Mac app? I'm running version 5.3.2 (1).


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According to e.g. this Eclipse bug report this might have been a limitation/security feature of the OS X 10.x platform. The password field is an instance of NSSecureTextField, which is based on NSSecureTextFieldCell and that does not allow copy/cut according to its documentation and perhaps it also had some restrictions on pasting. But since it works via context menu that might have changed, which the comments in the mentioned bug report seem to confirm. To get Cmd-V working some hacks might be required (or enabling the Edit menu, see e.g. this and related stackoverflow entries). I'm not a Mac developer so I don't know for sure (and I currently also have no setup ready to build and test the app). Perhaps Martin knows more about this.

#2 Updated by Martin Willi over 6 years ago

I did some fixes and an update in the osx-app-5.5.0 branch. It seems that adding keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste is not that hard.

Unfortunately, I don't have a valid Apple Developer subscription anymore. Therefore I can't sign the App, which prevents it from installing the privileged helper tool.

Given that the builtin OS X IKEv2 client seems to be the better alternative these days, I'm not sure if it is worth the effort to put much work into our OS X App. But of course you may try to sign it yourself if you have a Apple Developer subscription; see the README for details.

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Thanks for the investigation and fixed branch. This can be closed.

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