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Use the same set of plugin config files for charon and charon-systemd

Added by Yves-Alexis Perez over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I recently started playing with charon-systemd, and was surprised that my charon configuration (here it was advmss in kernel-netlink plugin configuration) was not loaded anymore.

That's because /etc/strongswan.conf only has include lines for charon {} and not the other charon daemon. I think it'd make sense to have all of them here, and by default to have all of them including the same configuration. If an user need to tune it, then she can override that.

Attached is a patch against strongswan.conf doing that.

Another solution would be to actually drop the charon {} block altogether, and put it in /etc/strongswan.d/charon.conf (already included everywhere), and have all other charon daemon ship a relevant charon-foo.conf with the same block.

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Revision 819da83f
Added by Tobias Brunner over 6 years ago

Merge branch 'charon-conf-fallback'

Makes charon-systemd and charon-svc also load settings from the charon
section in strongswan.conf.

Fixes #1300.


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charon-cmd and charon-nm are clients, which use a different set of plugins. But I agree that for charon-systemd something like this is definitely required, in particular because it uses the same set of default plugins and probably is never used together with the default charon daemon (the same applies to charon-svc). So we could add a copy of the charon section for charon-systemd in the default strongswan.conf file, which would at least fix the plugin config.

However, the problem is that this issue also concerns strongswan.d/charon.conf. Because the options in that file are defined in the charon section they won't apply to charon-systemd without renaming that section (or copying the file and renaming it then). The already existing strongswan.d/charon-systemd.conf file only contains options specific to charon-systemd (logging via systemd's journal logger).

One solution would be to manually patch that file so it also contains the options from the charon section. Another would be to change charon.conf to contain the options without parent section, so we would be able to include this file in the charon and charon-systemd sections in strongswan.conf. Both of these approaches would require some additional hacks in the Makefile that creates these config files (source:conf/

Luckily, we already have an alias/fallback system in our settings framework. We use this for renamed sections and for defaults. For instance, for many settings in charon defaults may be defined in libstrongswan. Another example is the libtls section, which defines defaults that may be overridden in e.g. charon.tls. We can use this to inherit settings from the charon section in charon-systemd. I pushed patches for this to the 1300-charon-conf-fallback branch.

#2 Updated by Yves-Alexis Perez over 6 years ago

Thanks, the patch seems to work fine indeed here.

#3 Updated by Tobias Brunner over 6 years ago

Thanks, the patch seems to work fine indeed here.

There is one drawback, but not sure how significant it is. Since we currently can only set the alias after the call to library_init() any code that accesses lib->settings during initialization of the library (e.g. charon.integrity_test or charon.crypto_test.* or charon.cert_cache) will not be influenced by this (i.e. these settings will have to be configured in either the libstrongswan or the specific charon-* section). To change that we'd have to add the possibility to add such aliases early on (e.g. via library_init() or some static initialization before that).

#4 Updated by Tobias Brunner over 6 years ago

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I now pushed some patches that also work for settings that are read during initialization of libstrongswan.

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