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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2518strongSwanIssueNewNormalMOBIKE and handover-problems19.01.2018 11:58
2517strongSwanFeatureNewNormalHow to support Openssl 1.1.x19.01.2018 08:45
2516strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalStrongswan assigns same virtual ip every time to vti interface with ip pool 19.01.2018 14:17
2515strongSwanIssueNewNormalPotential X.509 signature scheme validation with trust chain 16.01.2018 22:06
2514strongSwanIssueNewNormalX.509 signature scheme Validation Problem When more than one scheme is configured16.01.2018 21:52
2513strongSwanIssueNewNormallog type of ID16.01.2018 19:22
2512strongSwanIssueNewHighQueries on using connmark18.01.2018 13:16
2511strongSwanIssueNewHighAndroid version 6.0 after connection with strongswan app don`t have access to anywhere14.01.2018 15:34
2510strongSwanIssueNewNormalmargintime not used when reauth=no10.01.2018 11:53
2509strongSwanBugFeedbackNormalCertificates with serial numbers with MSB set, can not be revoked (when using openssl plugin)09.01.2018 17:42
2508strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalNetwork loop12.01.2018 18:17
2507strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalDifficulty Setting Up IKEv2 EAP Only Authentication07.01.2018 11:29
2506strongSwanBugNewNormalEAP: eap_vendor_type_from_string() sometimes returns wrong result when parsing eap vendor types (eap-254-####)04.01.2018 09:42
2505strongSwanBugNewHighgmp library03.01.2018 16:55
2504strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalIPv6 IKEv2 tunnel with different leftikeport is not coming up between two strongswanJaivik Shah04.01.2018 00:30
2503strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalDH group in ESP and charon.prefer_configured_proposals 19.01.2018 08:30
2502strongSwanIssueNewNormalPLUTO_DNS4_* environment variables not presented for updown script with swanctl config 10.01.2018 14:21
2500strongSwanBugFeedbackNormalCrash in charon when updating interface and IKE_SAs newly created via HA plugin exist20.12.2017 12:49
2498strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalCharon does not exit occassionally25.12.2017 08:34
2496strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalCannot connect from Mac OS13.12.2017 18:10
2495strongSwanFeatureFeedbackNormalLibreSSL Plugin13.12.2017 09:29
2494strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalProblems With 64bit Slot IDs With Pkcs11 PluginJordan Hrycaj12.12.2017 16:03
2493strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalPkcs11 Plugin Returns w/Bogus Return CodeJordan Hrycaj12.12.2017 15:58
2489strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalcannot connect to vpn[ parsed INFORMATIONAL request 2 [ N(AUTH_FAILED) ] ]08.12.2017 08:51
2488strongSwanIssueFeedbackNormalCan you change the UDP port of IPSec, for example, to 1111 instead of 450007.12.2017 09:35
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